So Morrissey has cancelled the whole of the rest of what would have been a long US tour, because of acute fever", and has blamed his support act, the unsigned American singer-songwriter Kristeen Young (who was first his support act in April 2006) for passing this on to him. She denies this, very reasonably, though she's deleted the Facebook post in which she said so.

His blaming her seems ungracious, especially since they've gushed about each other extravagantly in the past:

Him: Do you remember an ancient notion of how good the very best should be? This is Kristeen Young."

Her: This man, who I think is the greatest lyricist that ever existed and who I've worshipped since I was a teenager, is now my friend. And he's a good friend. He's extremely generous and accommodating."

He's obviously one of those people who quarrels with everyone in the end. It doesn't stop me admiring him as an artist nor stop me awaiting his new album, World Peace Is None Of Your Business, due out next month. Here's a song from it, Kick the Bride Down the Aisle', as performed at one the US concerts he did  manage, at Boston Opera House five days ago:

A curiously old-fashioned rock-group set-up, don't you think?

[News re tour cancellation c/o Matt Everitt on BBC Radio6Music this morning; quotes from Morrissey and Young from http://www.theguardian.com/theguardian/2007/mar/10/weekend7.weekend8.]


  1. Morrissey's a child. He's still the awkward angsty teenage rebel in a damp bedsit. And he's a crank too. I used to love the guy when I was young but he never grew, far as I can hear...

  2. DamianBalassone09 October, 2014

    With the recent news of Mozzer's health, perhaps, there was more to it back in June than we knew at the time.
    By the by, did you get a chance to read his autobiography? Would love to hear your thoughts.

    1. Oh I'm sure there was more to it - we only know the gossip spinning off from what gets announced. The general rule, surely, is that if an artist doesn't want ignorant public speculation, s/he shouldn't say anything at all about their private lives. But if you have to cancel concerts through illness, then you have to say something - and perhaps the less you say, the greater the speculation.

      No, I haven't read his autobiography. I'll get around to it eventually. Meanwhile my contempt for Penguin Books, for letting him have it as a Penguin Classic, is unbounded. Your own thoughts on the book?

  3. DamianBalassone10 October, 2014

    I read somewhere that Joe Jackson's autobiography concludes before he has any success in the industry. I think Morrissey should have done the same. The first part of the book is a fascinating account of his childhood and Manchester; he should have ended it there. The second part is pretty much summed up by your comment above: "He's obviously one of those people who quarrels with everyone in the end" - he whinges about the chart positions of his singles (who cares?), quotes from his own lyrics to make some points, minutely details the court cases with the other Smiths, recounts conversations with other icons (e.g. Bowie) where he always tries to make himself sound like Wilde with the last witty line. I would have preferred to hear what inspired brilliant songs like 'Boy with the Thorn', 'Cemetery Gates', 'Everyday is Like Sunday', 'Seasick', 'Boxers', 'First of the Gang', etc. And I agree with you about the Penguin Classic status.