You may be busy at a Dylan Days type event next May - specially around May 24th, a Tuesday, when Dylan turns 75 - but if you'd like to be involved a bit earlier, why not take part in our first Bob Dylan Discussion Weekend since 2014?

It's happening on the first weekend in April - Friday the 1st to Sunday the 3rd - and there are places for just six people.

Come to our home in beautiful rural southwest France - specifically in département 32, the Gers - the département with the cleanest air and the emptiest roads in France.

the house
garden, pool & other side of the road

All the details are here on my website and this is what some of our previous guests have written to say afterwards:

"We really enjoyed it, thanks to both of you. The setting was wonderful (as was the weather), the food sublime, and the discussions were great."
Martin and Michele

"A special thank you for a gem of a weekend. Wonderful food, warm hospitality and an amazing giving of knowledge."
Jill and Louise

"We thoroughly enjoyed our visit in every respect and we offer our thanks to your good self and to Sarah for making our stay so  memorable."
Dave and Irene

"Thank you again for this excellent weekend. Sarah's cooking was brilliant and both Dylan Evenings are engraved in my mind. It was an unforgettable weekend. It's sometimes so easily said or written, but it really, really was. We're wallowing in pleasure. May you stay forever young."
Lukas and Saskia

"Thank you so very much. Everything was just perfect, Sarah's fantastic food and the great new insights into Bob Dylan's life gained through Michael's incredible knowledge which he so enthusiastically shared with his guests. I really loved the chosen tracks too, how different they are from the ones on commercial CDs..."

"Many thanks from the three of us for a great weekend. Lovely food and wine (our thanks to Sarah of course) and terrific conversation. All highly recommended!"

"I look back at a wonderful weekend. Thank you very much for your hospitality and inspiring sessions. Thanks too to Sarah for the delicious meals."

"Michael, we had a wonderful time and it was a privilege to spend some time with the two of you."
Irwin & Erica

"The house is in a beautiful part of France, and the food cooked and served by Michael's wife Sarah is absolutely outstanding, as is the wine ! It's by no means all about Bob, and we met some very interesting guests, but it was wonderful to have the opportunity to chat with other people who are equally enthralled by Bob's work, and to hear at first hand Michael's extensive knowledge of Dylan's work. A truly marvellous weekend!!"

"Thank you to both you and Sarah for a lovely weekend: we both enjoyed it immensely."

"Can I just thank you once again for the weekend? We both had a fantastic time. Please pass on our thanks to Sarah as well, not least for her truly outstanding cooking."
Daniel & Ruth

"You made me and everyone feel very welcome and I couldn't really think of anything to improve the weekend. The food was divine and it was great to be able to indulge our Bob Dylan interest (I'm avoiding using the word obsession!) in an unfettered way!"

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